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working together to change the world 
Anup Research And Multimedia USA was started by Dr. Anup, MD in 1996 with the mission of educating doctors, residents, medical students and nurses to help them take better care of their patients.

In 2003, the company diversified into educating patients in the US to better manage their own chronic medical conditions. In 2004, we added the 'Wellness' division.

2005 saw the company going global with the launch of a unique patient centered web based health empowerment and education program accessible from anywhere in the world via the internet. By logging in to our program, regardless of where in the world a patient resides,he/she can now compare his/her care to the best recommended practices by evidence-based medicine and National Institutes of Health(USA) recommendations. 

With our system, the patient has the ability to generate a personalized health book on his/her own health.Furthermore, the patient who really desires to attain the best attainable health can obtain a 'to-do list' to optimize his/her medical care with the goal of avoiding short and long term complications of medical conditions and enabling the individual (patient or not) to live a healthy life for a long time to come. Cost saving for health-care is an additional benefit.

In 2009 the company has started creating a knowledge vault through an innovative approach namely, the 'DVD-Book'. We believe that this is the future of learning on a global basis for the next 20 or so years. An individual can just play a DVD and learn everything that is available in the book without reading any book at all -- just watch the DVD and learn all that you would learn from reading a book. The speed of learning is greatly expedited by this method of learning. This  is also an environmentally sound approach because no trees are destroyed to make paper.

In 2012 the company expanded into School Student education division. We have modules for different subjects like English, Math, Family Health, Science, Astronomy for school students that they anyone can learn anywhere and at anytime.

'Learn, Share And Spread Your Knowledge' is our recommendation to our readers.

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Anup Research and Multimedia USA
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